Akhil Bhartiya Mahajan Shiromani Sabha (ABMSS) J&K zone on Saturday launched its membership drive for working committees in the state of Jammu and Kashmir with an aim to uplift the weaker section of Mahajan Biradari.

Addressing the media in a press conference Sham Lal Langer (Zonal President ABMSS) while announcing the launch of drive said, the aim of launching this drive is to provide assistance to the widows, destitute and excelling students and for the welfare of the weaker section of the Biradari at national level.

He said for each member it is mandatory to fill the membership form providing his details and particulars with the submission Rs. 500 as one time membership fee. Adding also that the collected money would be distributed among the widows, old aged persons having no support and handicapped persons would be provided aid on quarterly basis.

Langer further added that all the members enrolled would be illegible for constitution of working committees of Sabha district, Tehsil, zonal, block and sector level. He expressed that ABMSS would resolve all the already existing sabhas working for the welfare of Mahajan Biradari under one roof for the betterment of Biradari within the state.

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