Jammu Kashmir Rehbar-e- Taleem Teachers Forum (JKReTTF)on Wednesday held a protest against what it said ‘lackadaisical approach’ of the state government in mitigating the ReT related issues vis-a- vis pending salaries, regularization of DMDH, raking up screening test and ReT transfers. The teachers from different districts of the state carrying placards and banners assembled here at Exhibition Ground and marched towards Dogra Chowk, tried to block the traffic movement which later was dispersed on the police intervention. The protesters castigated the state government for its irresponsible approach in finding a lasting solution of ReT issues. Addressing the media Farooq Ahmad Tantray (Chairman JKReTTF) said that the ReT teaching community has been left with no option but to protest for the resolution of the issues being confronted by the nation builders. “ReTs including head teachers working under SSA are without salaries from last five months, the financial constraints have led to a volatile situation for these teachers as their families are at the verge of starvation,” Tantray added. Tantray also flayed the government over raking up the controversial screening test issue again to harass the ReT teachers who have acquired degrees through Distance Mode from reputed and recognized universities. He said that High Court had already passed an order exempting the Distance Mode degree holders but the Commissioner Secretary Education is raking up the issue again just to stall the regularization process of these victimized teachers.